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Sanofi and Mare e Monti

18/08/2015 - Sanofi and Mare e Monti
Sanofi presents: "Il benessere a 360 gradi". Tips for a physically and mentally balanced life. Saturday 12th September 2015, 18.00...

07/09/2014 - Advice for the new routes
The "A" routes are new on both days. In particular, the "A" on saturday repays your efforts with amazing views, but you need to be trained.

11/08/2012 - New Ponte Negrone track
The new route develops along the old mule track of the ancient aqueduct that half-way up the mountain side, and along the flat, cuts...

10/08/2012 - Boat excursions
Boat excursions for unusual Arenzano's views from the sea. The fishing club "La Vecchia Arenzano" organise( more )

Non competitive, free step walk - 33rd edition
Mare e Monti is an international no competitive walk , taking place in Arenzano. Every year on the second September week end it gathers thousands people sharing the experience of walking together on the tracks which, from the coast twist and turn to the Beigua Park.

The mountain tracks, with their different lengths are designed to satisfy all demands (7 – 15 - 20 km). They  leave from the coast to reach the Ligurian Mountain Ridgeway, with breath taking landscapes on the sea and on the Alps arc just where the distance between Apennines  and sea coast is minimal.
Those who prefer not to face difference in height, can participate walking through the “Riviera del Beigua” tracks: Walking along “Fabrizio de Andrè” promenade, the track

Event Management: Comune di Arenzano - Servizio Sport e Tempo libero

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