Spaghetti and Ligurian folklore at the Belp walk

We take part in the Swiss walk with a large group of walkers, among them there are also the scouts from Arenzano. The routes gently unwind in a pleasant country landscape. We notice many military groups: some of them walk with the flag of their own battalion and others work for the organization. After all the origins of this walk, which boasts 45 editions, are military. We are lucky, the weather is fine. We easily reach the arrival point where we had set up the Italian tent with a photo exhibition on the Ligurian Riviera. The cooks prepare tasty spaghetti. In the evening, the guitar quartet of our "Accademia Musicale Arenzano" (Barbara Giusto, Simone Pansolin, Paolo Di Pietro e Giulio Canepa), entertain the people with the rich Italian musical repertory. Being accommodated in Bern is a way to have a look at the old town, which has been featured in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and to enjoy the charm of the covered arcades, cobbled streets and decorated facades.