The "Mare e Monti" walkers in Vandée, the countries of "randonneurs".

The Vandée, which is universally known for its historical rebellion, is walkers' country. You can realize that from the speedy rate of the local walkers. The organizers themselves are keen on walking. That is the reason the walk is perfectly organized. The winning points of this walk are the perfect system of signs and the free and assorted refreshments where you can find also the "brioche vendéenne", a sweet-smelling local speciality. At the arrival point you are awaited by a tasty "baguette" awashed down with red wine. The tracks are different every year and unwind through various landscapes - the bocage, the forests and the lakes - where the nature still looks undamaged. Along the tracks you happen to meet suggestive remains which kindle your fantasy: the Sigournais feudal castle and the Ponsay manoir. There is also a night track to walk in torch light, a further opportunity which distinguishes this walk from the others of the IML circuit. A well organised bus service connects the starting point to the tracks and helps the walkers avoid long and boring asphalt Stretches of road.