... a new visit to Fulda

The "Zwei-Tage-Wanderung" of Fulda is a way to enjoy the beauties of its wondeful Baroque city. Due to St. Boniface's works - the so called "Apostle to the Germans" - Fulda is a catholic enclave in the country of Luther's reform. The remains of the Saint rest in the crypt inside the Cathedral which is modelled on St Peter's in Rome. In the neighbourhood lies the Michaelskirche which is one of Germany's oldest churches and its simple style is modelled on the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. The main sight in Fulda is its City Palace, a large Baroque building which once was the seat of the Prince Abbots, the ancient owners of the town. The town centre, recently restored, offers a number of Baroque treasures which are pleasantly matched with the half-timbered houses. We like the garden culture path (Gartenkulturpfad), from the formal baroque gardens at the castle to the collection of old rose species at the cathedral. The "Zwei-Tage-Wanderung" of Fulda unwinds through the undulating and verdant countryside. A suggestive fog follows us, but very soon the green countryside is brightened by the rays of the sun.