Every year someone of us go back to Seefeld... take part in the Unicorn walk. Seefeld is one of the best known tourist destinations in Austria and you can reach it very easily, even by train. It is a typical Tyrolese village located on a wide and sunny plateau near Innsbruck. Even the old Romans considered this plateau important for the trade routes which led from the Inn valley through the settlements in what is present-day southern Germany. Along with the unicorn, one of the symbols of this resort is the Seekirchl - the "Lake Chapel"- on the south-western side of the village. As its name suggests, it originally stood on an island surrounded by a lake. Nowadays the church is surrounded by cross country ski runs and paths which makes Seefeld one of the most attractive resorts both in winter and in summer. The walk of the Unicorn leads us through a natural landscape marked by conifer woods and green pastures framed by the Wetterstein calcareous mountains. All routes are quite easy to walk. Walking through this beautiful environment is a way to recharge our batteries. The entertainment events of the walk are characterized by the rich Tyrolese folklore and take place in a cosy building where you can exchange your experiences with other hikers.