A quartet in Northamptonshire to promote the Mare e Monti walk...

In the year of "Genoa Capital of Culture" the appreciated exhibition of a quartet from Genoa (Chiara Alberti - cello, Fabio Francia - viola, Roberto Marcianò - flute, Enrico Ferrando - violin) on the occasion of the "Waendel Weekend" is a way to issue the great British culture a challenge. As a matter of fact this lively town (48,000 inhabitants) is located in Northamtonshire, not far from Oxford and Cambridge, the two oldest universities in England and has one of the oldest public schools in the country (1595). Our "Italia stand" is located at "The castle", the head quarters of the walk. You can enjoy the "Waendel Weekend", which bears the name of Waendel, the Anglo Saxon leader who founded the town, by walking or by cicling. There is a swimming marathon over the weekend as well, which distinguishes this event from the other IML walks. The rain is our walking companion on both days. From time to time the sun peeps out of the clouds to light up the picturesque country. The routes of the walk are very English!