Rules and Registrations

Registration rules

It is possible to make a pre-registration here starting from August 2023:

You can confirm Your pre-registration at the REGISTRATION OFFICE located at Villa Figoli des Geneys - Via Olivette 42. We don’t accept advance payment.

Registration Office

Villa Figoli des Geneys, Via Olivette 44

Registration Office opening hours:

  • Thursday 7th September 2023
    16.00 hrs - 22.00 hrs.
  • Friday 8th September 2023
    9.00 hrs. - 13.00 hrs
    15.00 hrs. - 22.00 hrs.
  • Saturday 9th September 2023
    7.00 hrs - 9.00 hrs
    15.00 hrs. - 22.00 hrs.
  • Sunday 10th September 2023
    7.00 am - 16.00 hrs.

Registration Fee

  • Fee with t-shirt 1 day and plastic cup  euro 20,00  - 2 days euro 25,00;
  • Fee - no t-shirt  1 day with plastic cup euro 12,00 - 2 days euro 15,00 ;
  • Special baby fee (under 5 yrs.) with t-shirt and plastic cup 1 day euro  8,00 -  2 days euro 10,00;
  • Special baby fee (under 5 yrs.) no t-shirt with plastic cup1 day euro  5,00 - 2 days euro 7,00;
  • Special fee for IVV members (no prize) with plastic cup1 day euro 5,00 - 2 days euro 10,00. For IVV subscription the very day of Registration, additional euro 0,50 fee

Registration to Mare e Monti walk allows You to have a free parking voucher to be shown on the dashboard of your car.

Note: If You are interested in shared accommodation (Villa Figoli) please address in advance Your reservation request to:

Check point

Villa Figoli Park from 7.00 hrs. to 9.00 hrs. For A - B - D tracks depart  strickly within 9.00

Starting Point

Villa Figoli des Geneys


Villa Figoli des Geneys - Within 17.00 hrs.

Endorsing ticket

At starting point, on the route and at arrival point.


Non-competitive walks, open to everybody . You can also register for one day only. As the walk is non - competitive, there’s no ranking list. The event can be cancelled in case issuing bad weather “red” and "orange" alert . In this case registration fees are non-refundable. In case of issuing bad weather “yellow” alert , tracks can be modified by organization.

Due to swine Fever (PSA) emergency, our volunteers will provide to disinfect participants’ shoes at the end of dirt roads of A, B and C tracks. We advise however, at the end of activity to change your shoes and keep them in a heavy plastic sack to avoid any contamination. Once at home, shoes had to be brushed, washed with hot water, soap and disinfectant (sodium hypochlorite solution 2-3%).


1st day: 9th September 2023:

  • A - LONG * - Km 20 - (mt 1.183 above s.l.)
  • B - MEDIUM - Km 15,20 - (mt. 588 above s.l.)
  • C - SHORT* - Km 10,00 - (mt. 290 above s.l.)
  • D - RIVIERA DEL BEIGUA* - Km 20 - (m 238 above s.l.)

2nd day: 10th September 2022:

  • A - LONG *- Km 19,60 - (mt. 1.088 above s.l.)
  • B - MEDIUM * - Km 15,40 - (mt. 482 above s.l.)
  • C - SHORT* - Km 11,20 - (mt. 10 above s.l.)
  • D - RIVIERA DEL BEIGUA* - Km 20 - (mt. 10 above s.l.)

*Note: The distance on the IML stamps will be Km 20 for  tracks: A - B - D.  C tracks are valid for children/senior walkers (70 years old and over) IML stamps

Special prize

Groups of at least 10 people will be awarded with a trophy or a plate. The final rank is up on the number of registered people in every group and on the number of days of walk participation. A colorful enamelled medal is on sale at the Registration Point.

How to enrol to the walk

We recommend registration online. Fill out the application form on until 7th September 2023. Pre-registered walkers can collect their Start Cards and pay their fee at “REGISTRATION DESK “ starting from Thursday 7th September 2023 - 16.00 hrs.


Free refreshments and snacks

Along the routes and at the arrival point

Showers and toilets

Available at  "Diurno" Piazzale San Martino.

WC: at Gava Pass, Casa Vaccà, Carrarmati location.


For the "A" and "B" tracks walker are advised to have suitable equipment : waterproof windbreaker, trekking boots



Liability Insurance

The event is supported by P.L.I. (Public Liability Insurance) provided by FIASP and by accident indemnity insurance. Registration and participation to the walk is considered a statement of clean bill of health for this amateur, non-competitive walk . Therefore it is not requested a certificate of medical fitness.


Walkers participate to this event entirely at their own risk. No responsibility can be accepted by the organisers for any loss, damage or injury sustained before, during and after the walk. Particularly complaints and accidents, due to: disregard of FIASP general rules, disregard of road rules, moving up from the starting point, detours from itineraries lined up by the organisers, as well as arrivals after the closing of the event, will not be taken in account.


It is forbidden smoking and lighting fires while walking in the woods. You are required not to abandon litter on the way.
At Registration Desk You will be given a free recyclable plastic cup. You are kindly ask to keep it with You and use it during the walk, as plastic glassware won't be given along the tracks (alternative: personal water bottle). In this way palstic will be strongly reduced, just to preserve our environ.