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03/03/2024 - 38th edition 7 - 8 september 2024

This year on September 7th and 8th 2024, during  the International "Mari e Monti" walk, thousands of walkers from all over the world will meet in Arenzano to walk the paths in the heart of the Riviera del Beigua.

It will be the 38th edition, a sign of how much this event is felt by Arenzano citizens. They live two days of celebration and folklore thanks to the presence of many foreign tourists, a program full of events, concerts, markets and the traditional twinning with Tata in Hungary.

“Mare e Monti” is an international no competitive walk, that has been part of the IML Walking Association circuit since 2001. Its slogan is :"May walking bring us together".
Famous for its mountain tracks, each with their different lengths designed to satisfy all demands (10-15-20 Km), the walk brings everyone together, even those who prefer not to face difference in height, can partecipate walking through  the "Riviera del Beigua" tracks . Walking through  Fabrizio De Andrè promenade , along the coast,  the track reaches the towns of  Cogoleto and Varazze.
Pre-registration starts in August. You can register on this site.

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