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"Nos Iungat Ambulare" is the official motto of the IML Walking Association which, when translated into English, means "May walking bring us together" The IML Walking Association is a non-political, non-profit organisation founded in Tokyo in 1987, where,  8 countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Ireland, Japan, GD Luxembourg, The Netherlands and Switzerland, organizers  of great-known walking events, made  there an agreement to form such a league. Since then, membership in the IML Walking Association has grown steadily to 25 with Sweden (Borås) the latest country to be admitted in 2011.  Arenzano entered the circuit in 2001 and today  the IML Walking Association is broken down into two Regions: the European Region and the Pan Pacific Region. IML promotes walking as a worthwhile and healthy recreation and fosters international understanding and goodwill by encouraging participation at walking events in other countries through a program of incentive awards. This is accomplished by promoting international multi-day non-competitive walking events in each of the member countries,

IML Walking Association worldwide program of events allow to:

  • see different countries;
  • experience different cultures;
  • make new friends
  • renew friendship with walkers you have previously met

IML Walking Association events are all non-competitive and with a particular system of awarding , the International Walker Program, which is based on the number of walks accomplished all over the world.

On participating in your first IML walk, you may purchase an award. Your name and date of birth must be filled in and a photograph inserted. On completion of any multi day IML walk (min. of 20 km/day or 10 km/day for the over 70s), a special stamp of that walk is put into the passport, and a and may be purchased. The medal is inscribed “Nos Iungat Ambulare” (“Let walking unite us”). Three stamps (from three different countries), on a single page constitute a “series”, and an entitlement to additional awards. The award system is further explained on the IML Walking Association website.