The Town

arenzano town point of view

Arenzano is located in West Ligurian Riviera and, thanks to enviable climate and a wonderful sea, it’s a popular tourist attraction all year long. The historic centre, wholly pedestrian, is marked out by the traditional caruggi (ligurian alley), climbing from the sea promenade to the Parish Church. This is  the social and commercial  hub  of the town, among shops, restaurants and small ancient places. Here, don’t forget  to taste Ligurian  focaccia, the culinary flag of Ligurian food tradition. Ancient seafaring village, Arenzano has gradually opened to tourist reception. Today it is the ideal destination for sea lovers for its crystal seawater, the wonderful villas and their historic parks, a tourist harbour and a submarine scuba sport place.

The Carmelite Sanctuary of Prague Infant Jesus dominates the town up from the hill. The Church is a worldwide worship  location whom the town of Arenzano is consecrated since 2001.

The close inland is set almost entirely  inside Natural Regional Beigua Park (UNESCO Global Geopark with an overall width of 39.230 hectares), where it is possible hiking on a 500 km track- net. Here You can admire and appreciate an extraordinary environ rich in history and culture. In this suggestive location takes place our Mare e Monti International Walk, unmissable date for  open air walk  lovers.

Sightseeing around the area: